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Prior to obtaining my real estate license, I was a senior-level marketing professional with over 20 years experience in strategic marketing, business-to-business and consumer brand management, corporate communications, and creative development. Over those two decades I learned that big picture success requires unwavering attention to the smallest detail. What's more, it taught me to always be mindful that achieving my clients' goals and objectives is what truly determines my own success. If I can assist you with your real estate concerns, please call me or send an email.



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After buying my first home at age 22, I knew I could help others navigate the process while bringing a unique understanding of demographic trends, socioeconomics, and communication styles from my degree in sociology. With a background in marketing production, I am skilled at bringing fresh, innovative ideas from concept to execution while managing the many moving parts along the way with extreme attention to detail. I am knowledgeable about the ways in which real estate continues to be impacted by technology and millennials, allowing me to bring a leading-edge level of strategic thinking to the local market. I am driven by my client's best interest and enjoy working vigorously to bring their dreams to fruition.